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"We all need a love resurrection, just a little divine intervention..."

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Name:Miranda Jane Hart
Birthdate:May 11
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:♥ noirenewyork (psl)

♥ Miranda Jane Hart was born Charlotte Emily Kingston in 1866 in the Whitechapel district of London, England. Her parents were from London's lower classes and in order to try to get money to help her family survive, she began to work as a prostitute when she was just 15 years old. She didn't have any happy memories as a child, so losing her innocence so young was nothing to her. She was a cheap prostitute, but any little money she could make was worth it. She had six other sibling, so Charlotte as the oldest was nothing special. She loved her family, but it was a time of living to survive when you were lower class. She did what she had to do, and knew no else.

It continued like that for years, until news came of Jack the Ripper killing girls like her in the dark alleys of London. Fear wasn't enough to deter girls like Charlotte, though, and she unknowingly fell pray to Jack the Ripper, who was Kindred of the Clan most at risk of falling into sexual obsession, the Daeva. All his previous prey, he had tried to Embrace, but got so vicious with his passion, ended up killing most of them and leaving them dumped in the alleys of Whitechapel. Emily was one he succeeded with, and she found herself Embraced and then left alone to try to survive. She was angry and re-awoke with a dangerous urge to fall into the same ways as her Sire. It was only hearing of relentless police detective working the case, one Benjamin Knight, that she saw a glimmer of light with someone who might help her. She approached him in a bar one night where she told him everything, of her experience, what she was, how she came to be what she was, and who did it. It turned out that Benjamin was also Kindred, and had assumed a fake identity as a police detective to work the case when he saw all the signs of Jack the Ripper being Kindred. He hunted the Ripper down and destroyed him, and then assumed the role as a guider for Emily - who took the new name of Miranda Hart - in the absence of her Sire.

Despite being from very, very different Clans, Benjamin and Miranda remained close until present day. When Ben had to make the difficult decision to Embrace his dying brother, Eric, she was with him and near on hand if Eric re-awoke with an anger at being taken against his will. Luckily Ben was a wonderful Sire and ensured his brother was as protected as he could be, not always an easy feat given Eric's reckless nature that got him murdered to begin with. Miranda dabbled in many different walks of life that allowed her to indulge in her Daeva desires. Her favourite era was, without a doubt, the 60s, which was made for the Daeva Clan with sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. It was here Miranda met Greg Kent and they became friends, opening up her chance to mock and tease him incessantly when he fell head-over for gorgeous Toreador bitch, Xavier Carlisle, whom Miranda had known to be Kindred the first time they met, but she hadn't even revealed herself to Greg at that point.

It was about the 60s that Miranda began trying her hand in the porn industry. At first, she became a nude model and it soon led to her getting a gig with a porn magazine. She was hooked, without a doubt, and by the 70s, she was staring in cheesy porn movies and working as a stripper at a New York sex club. It was the late 1970s that started a torrid affair with the lead singer of the London punk rock group, Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious. It was dirty and it was kinky, and it was like a drug for Miranda, who was now more affectionately know as "Randy" by her nearest and dearest. Randy by name, randy by nature. It was at the Pistol's concert in Atlanta in 1978 that Randy's attention was caught by one of the band's roadies, Spencer Hawthorne. The kid was just as horny and kinky as she was and they fucked for hours on end. He wasn't scared of adventure, and Randy took a keen affectionate liking to him. It was in the middle of a marathon fuck session where Spencer was drunk and high that she offered him Embrace. Maybe it was a little of her Daeva Majesty powers that got her what she wanted, but she wasn't willing to just let him ago. He agreed, and to this day, she is somewhat her sassy gay bitch sidekick, even though he is highly successful in the music industry in his own right these days.

Randy, on the other hand, is a vastly successful and affluent business women in the sex industry. When Ben took the position as Kindred Prince of New York City, he didn't hesitate in making Randy his Daeva Primogen, and in her position, she gets to keep her finger firmly on the pulse of the City's sex world. She owns a multimillion dollar corporation that manufactures porn all over the world and online, as well as has her own label of sex toys. Her company, Hart & Soul NYC, runs an annual "Sexpo" in New York City that attracts sex lovers from all over the world. Sex definitely sells, and it was an industry just waiting to be devoured by a passionate Daeva like herself.

Within a vampire bloodline known as The Kindred, seven vampire clans are collectively joined, forming the largest sect of vampires called the Camarilla, and survive through the Masquerade, disguising themselves as humans. Camarilla policy is that vampires should try to fit in with and hide from the rest of humanity, as to easily feed on them. For this reason, they created a web of lies and misinformation, called the Masquerade, to make the public believe that supernatural beings like vampires could not possibly exist. The Camarilla also believes that the only way the vampire species can survive in these modern nights is if it unite. Any breach of the Masquerade by any vampire risks exposing the entire race. Both viewpoints are fundamentally opposed by the Sabbat, an opposing sect to the Camarilla. The Camarilla also enforces the Eldest as ruling class over the younger vampires. The seven clans of the Camarilla are Ventrue, Brujah, Malkavian, Toreador, Gangrel, Tremere and Nosferatu. When a human is turned by a Kindred vampire, it is known as the Embrace, the vampire siring the human to embrace them into their own bloodline.

Each city has a ruler, a "Prince" who enforces the laws of The Masquerade that govern them to protect their anonymity. A clan is a group of vampires "related" by blood; i.e. the vampiric equivalent of an extended family or lineage. A clan is usually a large group, acknowledged widely in the vampiric society. Each clan nurture their own characteristics and traits, and each clan has its strengths and weaknesses. Often the clans do not always get along with certain clans such as the Brujah and the Ventrue actually hating one another. Each clan within a given area has a representative, a Primogen, who is usually the eldest and most powerful member of the clan, who attends the leader or prince's advisory council. This status also grants the character social advantages and greater power than being a normal member of their clan.

All information is taken from fandom source @ Masquerade Wiki and Kindred Wiki

The Daeva are a Kindred clan known or being emotional, sensual, and desirable. Predatory hedonists and sensualists, the Daeva are emotionally dying, hollow inside. They are slaves to their chosen vices. Daeva are masters of Majesty, the Discipline of seduction and persuasion. Daeva are often called Succubi. Daeva are very diverse as a clan - the only common thread is their consuming passions. Fierce brawlers and social butterflies are found there, as well as everything in between.

Although Daeva are often dismissed as effete, they possess the Disciplines of Vigor and Celerity, thus making them extremely capable in a fight. This, combined with their mercurial tempers and excitable natures make them Kindred with which to tread lightly. Daeva are most common in the Invictus or Lancea Sanctum, as the former often provides the luxuries that most of them become accustomed to. Daeva who belong to the Lancea Sanctum are often the Covenant's most impassioned firebrands and crusaders. However, there is no Covenant without Daeva members, reflecting their versatile membership - a Succubus can turn their passion to almost any cause.

Daeva are found at all strata of a city's Court. This again is a side-effect of their social natures and martial capabilities. Often they prefer to take up positions that allow them to indulge their vices. The clan loves to surround themselves with mortals - to Daeva they are the pretty accessories, the running buffets and punch-bags that they exercise their tastes on. More importantly they serve as a mirror for the joys that, as vampires, the Daeva have lost.

All information is taken from fandom source @ Daeva Wiki

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"We all need a love resurrection
Just a little divine intervention..."

- Love Resurrection, Alison Moyet -

Miranda is an original character, created for the PSL, [community profile] noirenewyork. For RP and muse writing only. No infringement intended. Miranda's PB is Amber Heard, who belongs to herself.

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